Brownsville has ratings and reviews. Jen said: Levar Burton Reads Podcast was a good one. Should be called “How Mrs. Perez Got He. . Oscar Casares (born May 7, ) is an American writer and an associate professor of creative writing. He is the author of Brownsville: Stories and Amigoland. Short story writer Oscar Casares is celebrating a homecoming of sorts, returning to his hometown of Brownsville, Texas, after years living in Austin, Minneapolis.

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Nobody beats El Gato Negro.

Brazos Bookstore is hosting Casares Tuesday night and I might go. Tripping Casares up was the parallel between the older brother character, who spends the first half of the book in the titular nursing home of Amigoland, and Casares’ father, who had a stroke and found himself in similar circumstances during the writing process. The distinction, I believe between the subtext of Brownsville and that of Flannery O’Connor’s stories is that O’Connor was not playing it safe.

The father had worked a full day and was tired, but he had promised to drive his son to the stands.

Brownsville: Stories by Oscar Casares

Back Casarws Books; 1st edition March 6, Language: Plus my wife has me hanging up some curtain rods but, chingado, I can’t find my hammer. When Diego finished his meal, he told them about learning how to work inside the stand and eating cheeseburgers on the tailgate of the truck and selling fireworks to little kids and going to the rest room behind a mesquite and almost seeing a wreck between an wheeler and a car that pulled out onto the highway too fast and cleaning the place after they closed.

And now comes the story of the story within the story:. And those things happen, sure. He smiled as he watched the bright lights. You spoke at the University of Iowa on the book tour.


Diego watched the hula girl’s skirt. Who doesn’t like smoke bombs? I pay for all the meals my boys eat. Going from broownsville informal oral tradition to the written word wasn’t a walk in the park. It makes no difference to me.


During that time, I saw him use my hammer on three different occasions: Sep 21, Ben rated it liked it. Only after graduating from the University of Texas in and moving to Minneapolis did the art of storytelling become less a comfort and more a necessity.

His father worked hard as a mechanic, sometimes taking side jobs to bring cqsares a little extra. You should have seen her when we first moved here. How important would you say your M.

At the country’s edge, on the Mexican border, Brownsville, Texas, is a town like many others. If you don’t know what those are, you’re in the wrong business. He osvar the boys what caswres wanted from Whataburger. At four o’clock, Mr.

What was it like to go back there as a published writer? I don’t want to say too much brodnsville these stories but I will say that Chango is one of THE best short stories I’ve ever read and to this day I still feel the weight that story carried. I’ve lived and worked with gringos my whole life.

Sometimes they didn’t even know it existed. Feb 11, Emma rated it really liked it Shelves: Tell your father I can give you a ride home when we close down. I’m not a hunter.

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They were busy that evening and the old man didn’t have time to say anything to him. He stopped being so quick to wave. One of the most endearing quality of the city for me, probably not all is the Tex-Mex dialect, a conglomeration of Spanish and English into a new language of sorts.


We heard the wood cracking all the way inside the house and I felt a part of me was also being ripped up. Diego said he’d take care of them. But I also knew we would’ve never talked if the situation hadn’t turned out the way it did. The mesquite split right down the middle. This was a Sunday. The man added two packages of Black Snakes to the fireworks he was buying. It helped me in other regards, because I had people reading my work that knew nothing of Texas, or South Texas, or the border, for that matter.

He thought it was okay to bring back my hammer when it was convenient, when it suited him.

Latino life in the small Texas border city of Brownsville comes alive in this entirely engaging debut collection of nine short stories arranged in three parts.

Z bought a family box of fried chicken and biscuits. I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s not the Brownsville that I left. View all 3 comments. There would be tears in his eyes and blood dripping from his mouth. He thought of all the other jobs in the world he could have, and none of them were as great as working at a fireworks stand. Stories on your Kindle in under a minute. It is Bony’s story, you know, the monkey is just sort of facilitating the story.

Casares also wrestled with how to handle the numerous conversations his characters spoke in Spanish.

Nov 25, Tony rated it it was amazing Shelves: His boy was not going to back out now.