64 Bit Binary Tested on Ubuntu Decompress and run./cinelerra in the directory. User Manual. Join our newsletter. Name. Email. Subscribe. © All . origins of CINELERRA, go back that far when he first created and released BROADCAST in the mid’s as he wrote in the official Cinelerra manual. A Cinelerra tutorial demonstrating everything the non-professional needs to know about getting up and running with Cinelerra.

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Warnings This document is far from complete. A version of this manual for Cinelerra-CV is available online http: Clicking Add Source will display the new repository enabled in the Software Sources window.

NautilusImagemagick image manipulation. When editing audio, it is customary to cut cinelerrz one part of a waveform into the same part of another waveform. Some file formats are very slow to display on the timeline. If no highlighted region exists the insertion point is used as the start of the active region. To control the location of the camera:. Drag and drop editing is a quick and simple way of working in Cinelerra, using only the mouse. This tool brings up the projector editing tool See section Manua, camera and projector.

Your source files will appear in the Resources Window. Once we manuak our viewport defined, we still need manuual place the camera right above the area of source video we are interested on. These are development packages which are “non-standard”, and you’ll almost certainly have to install them if you want to compile Cinelerra:.


Render your projects to a final format for more persistent storage of the output. The timebar and slider are critical for navigation. These streams are compressed using separate manuall schemes.

These effects determine what tracks are sharing them cindlerra either mix the two tracks together or use one track to stage some value. It supports a limited number of bits and has high latency compared to more modern drivers, but it does have the ability to multiplex multiple audio sources.

Cinelerra CV Manual: 1. Introduction

Some commands treat all the space to the right of the insertion point as active while others manuao the active length as 0 if no end point for the active region is defined.

You can replace the path of every asset whose source file you moved also within the program, by entering the new location in the Asset info window.

You can easily add scrolling credits at the end of your movie. The insertion point moves to track playback. Having said that, I will relate my recollections of the manua, of my friendship and professional relationship with Adam and consider this to be the most accurate recollection Cinelerra.

Cinelerra Download

If the toggle is the background color of most of the windows, it is disabled. By resizing the tracks you can create split screens, pans, and zooms.

In all cinelefra operations, all edits which start on the same position as the cursor when the drag operation begins are affected. Raw images from Canon cameras are the only ones tested.


VLC playback, saving and transcoding files. HV likes to work on its own copy of Cinelerra, releasing code on a periodic basis every 6 months or so.

The vertical scroll bar allows you to scan across tracks. If it is pointing sideways, the track is collapsed. Masks are also used in conjunction with another effect to isolate the effect to a certain region of the frame.

The timebar represents the entire time covered by the program.

Occasionally, HV will give feedback on implementations that the members of the CV submit to it. Cropping reduces the visible picture area of the whole project. When you replace the current project with a file the preview region automatically resizes to cover the entire file.

To put the reduced video in the center subsection that the projector shows would require offsetting out x and out y by a complicated calculation. If shared cinelera or shared tracks are available, they appear in the shared effects and shared tracks columns. Here are the functions in the toolbar:. Each track itself has a popup menu which affects one track.

I immediately looked at the and said out loud, “This is the future of media production”.