Gespräche mit Goethe [Johann Peter Eckermann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ich durchblätterte mit Goethe einige Hefte Zeichnungen meines Freundes Johann Peter Eckerman: Gespräche mit Goethe in den letzten Jahren seines. Conversations Of Goethe has ratings and 23 reviews. Khush said: It is a delightful book. I cannot help giving this book full five stars (This feels w.

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Mar 05, William March rated it it was amazing. I wish I could be this much into my own work! For a eckerjann discussion of the concept of World Literature you are invited to look into the extended discussion in the new book Spiritus Mundi, by Robert Sheppard, one of the principal themes of which is the emergence of World Literature: Goethe is sharp in rebuking anyone who suggests that he is, or that anyone but “a thoroughly crazy and defective artist” could be, free from influences, i.

That would not be a bad thing for any of us. He can’t afford to grant “national literature” too much meaning, since he didn’t even live in besprche proper nation at all, and he saw all of Europe and the world globalizing rapidly beyond even that anticipated acheivement.

He lived the better geeprche of his life in Weimar against the wishes of his father. Return to Book Page. Born into a poor family, he did not receive the benefits of gssprche formal education, and through hard work turned himself into an educated man and poet. Like Goethe, however, he discovered that literature and not law was his personal calling and he abandoned that career when his scholarship moneys came to an end.


Johann Peter Eckermann – Wikipedia

I deeply recommend reading this seminal work, hailed by even a mind as profound as Nietzsche as the finest work he had read. You have to see it this way: It is a book that I eckermaann be going back to again gkethe again throughout my life and, with each new reading, it will grow in richness in proportion to how much I have grown and learned has an individual.

This was a great book to read towards the end of the Powys project. Keep Exploring Britannica Charles Dickens. Help us improve this article! It is also wonderful to read about Jena, Weimar and such small historical towns.

Conversations Of Goethe by Johann Peter Eckermann

Goethe said, “The Roman history does not suit our present turn of mind. Bucchianeri, author of “Faust: It’s like reality TV from The first two books spend so much time on Eckermann and Goethe agreeing that I’m surprised there’s no slash fiction out there.

Eckermann also acted as tutor to the son of the grand duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach and, inwas an appointed ecjermann librarian at the Weimar court. The seventh sign of Goethe’s greatness is that he could become hilariously surly when discussing his detractors, but he preferred, and usually attained, serenity.

Gespräche mit Goethe in den letzten Jahren seines Lebens

In fact, Byron had met Goethe on several occasions. It is an intimate experience that brings such a lofty figure as Goethe down to earth and allows you to picture him as if he were sitting and conversing in the same room as you.

View all 4 comments. He was also joint-editor with Friedrich Wilhelm Riemer eckermqnn the complete edition of Goethe’s works in 40 vols The man incapable of appreciating her, she despises; and only to the apt, the pure, and the true, does she resign herself and reveal her secrets.


May 11, Filippos Tompousoglou rated it really liked it. Still, it’s fascinating to listen to as Goethe’s mind is quite something else. It was first released in and substantially augmented in According to Eckermann, contemporaries agreed the conversations were true-to-life representations of Goethe’s personality and manner of speech.

National literature is now a rather unmeaning term; the epoch of world literature is at hand, and everyone must strive to hasten its approach. If you like Goethe you’ll like Eckermann, who was obsessed with Goethe lol. It also portrays this incredible literary world which frankly filled me with pangs of jealousy, particularly the various homages he receives from other artists, most notable a chest full of literary goodies from the great artist David in France.

This article about a poet from Germany is a stub. Aug 14, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: He says a truly cultured person has read the Greeks, and some of the Romans, and Shakespeare and Moliere. Goethe complains about how some contemporary writer is bad in this or that way, then Eckerm This is the book Nietzsche called the best book in the German language, the Conversations with Goethe of Eckermann, three books that Eckermann compiled from notes and diaries detailing their almost daily discussions during the last few years of Goethe’s life – For me, the first two books out of three are too direct, too fawning, Eckermann was clearly loving Goethe, and goehe of that feeling is reciprocated.

Literary criticism, the reasoned consideration of literary works and issues.