GNLD Super Gro The Wonderful Natural Liquid Fertilizer Super Gro, as the name suggests, is the most wonderful natural liquid fertilizer ever. Super Gro is a natural liquid fertilizer which was developed to ensure the enhancement of your crops and agricultural productivity both in. GNLD’s Super Gro, Super 10 Wonder Drops for % Harvests A Special Formula for Plants, Animals, Lawns, and Gardens GNLD Super Gro.

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I just want to know if i can use only super gro as foliar fertilizer without adding any other fertilizers. If yes, what are the directive. gndl

Can i apply super gro on pepper and how many time can i apply it? Sobowale Ebenezer Olusegun says: What is the rate of application of the Super Gro? Drought or otherwise, we should always try to get the most efficient use from water.

December 18, at 5: Stay up the good work! Water, good quality water, is an issue of such importance that governments, states, provinces and major suburban areas around the world have created agencies to ensure its long-term availability.


With Super Gro, there is reduced water logging and surface run-off. Click here for more information on our Returns Policy.

July 17, at How much does 5ltrs jerry can Super Gro cost? Lets use it for that as for now. This is to ensure that the residue of the weeding chemical left in the gnlr does not neutralize the substance and effectiveness of the Super Gro. Healthy, green and growing plants give up a feeling of pride, warmth and, surprisingly, a feeling of security. Super Gro has numerous advantages over the synthetic or chemical fertilizer.

Can i use Gnlr gro during the rainy season?

GNLD Super Gro |

Super Gro can be applied to any plant, tree, vegetable suler even grass that require fertilization. You must get a separate sprayer for the Super Gro. Then add Super Gro mixed in the ratio of 1ml super gro to every 1 litre of water. June 22, at 3: In worst cases, soaking distorts the moisture content of the seeds hence some do not germinate but rot into the soil when plan, especially gld the soil is also very wet.

Hi Akam There is no documented use of Super Gro as a poultry production input.


Super Gro: Plant Fertilizer

Because crops and plants depend so much on water, Super Gro is meant to improve the quality and quantity of water as required hnld these crops and plants for wonderful fro and production by adding the essential nutrients they require for that purpose.

Hi David 20 litres of Water will go with 20mls of Super Gro, and spray once every 2 weeks for great results. Super gro can be used alone, but better results are obtained when mixed with other foliar fertilizers based on their intended use.

It increases plant and crop yields – increased maximum production is assured. What is the frequency of applying Super Gro?

Facts about Super Gro

Thanks for your query. I am Emily from Othaya,Nyeri County. Safe to use indoors and outdoors. Features of Super Gro; Super Gro is a multi-purpose surfactant. March 9, at 5: It tends to increase the rate suepr which water penetrates common soils.